Random Bits

From last week’s Lost file…

Found… one paddle from my hand mixer.  I cannot believe that I forgot to list this in the missing items blog.  A few weeks ago, I decided that Happy and I were going to make homemade chocolate chip cookies.  When it came time to whip all the ingredients into one, I discovered that we only had one paddle.  I mixed those darn cookies with one paddle.  The other day, sitting on the kitchen floor reading a book to Happy, something under the oven caught my eye.  The paddle.  As well as the yellow ring to the ring stacker that I put away in the attic last August. 

So two items not on the list and long forgotten as lost were found.  And a sheep and my insurance card joined the ranks of the missing.  The sheep I can do nothing about.  I called the insurance company about the card.

The kid who experienced Swim. Fail is gone.  He is replaced with obsessed with water kid.  Obsessed with water kid brings me a swimmy diaper at 8 am.  Except the pool isn’t open at 8 am and obsessed with water kid can only have so much exposure to chlorine as his skin is way sensitive.  So, we are moderating obsessed with water kid’s pool time with the baby pool, water table, and watering can.  

Books seem to have a week long lifespan here.  For a week, we can only read these certain books.  Then he wears out on them and we move to the next week’s set.  This week’s set of books that get read over and over again?  Please Baby Please, The Snowy Day and Hooray for Me.  We went through a Goodnight Moon phase that nearly killed me.  As innocuous as it is, Goodnight Moon drives me over the edge.  This week’s three are totally good with me.

And a final last minute update:  We had our first serious injury today.  Happy tripped into the door frame and the door frame won.  I can’t talk about it too much or the light starts flashing, I start sweating, and my knees go out (if only that weren’t a joke) but, sadly, 3 stitches to the forehead later, Happy has to be water-free for the next five days.  We’re all recovering, and I’ve made Happy promise that this is the only injury that he will suffer for the rest of his life.  I am counting on him to make good on that promise so that I don’t have to wrap him in bubble wrap.

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2 responses to “Random Bits”

  1. Yvette

    OH NO!! awwww.. the baby face is now marked?? ok breathe (that was for me) Lets start making that bubble wrap suit along with a helmet 😉

    ok YAY on finding things.. boo on replacing them with other lost items.. mark his fave hiding places bc You may be looking for your keys or cell phone one day..lol

  2. Meg

    Two comments. One, remember to rotate the books. They will emerge differently with each six-month development, and he will see and love them differently. You probably know this. And the door-frame injury: Robin had just this injury, Awful. The Friday after Thanksgiving, 1981. He was 18 months old. Thank God for Dr. Bill, who met me at the office. I was his nurse. “It hurts, ma-a-amma; it hurts, ma-a-amma.” I almost fainted. Stopped at the old drugstore for antibiotics; holding him in my arms, waiting for my friend to bring the medicines back. Robin saw a dog running behind the stopped car: “Doggie! Doggie!” Robiin was fine. I am still almost okay.

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