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I was 22 when my parents handed me the key (and car payment) to their 1992 Ford Escort.  The freshcort, who went through a series of names– Shmello (short for Marshmellow since it was white) in its younger years and Rattle and Hum in its older years, served me well until BF pried it from my hands.  “Look,” he said (just a few years ago.  I got serious use out of the freshcort.  And I still say that car had the best air conditioning of any car I’ve ever ridden in), “we can afford a car now.  That might not be the case in a few years.  Let’s go ahead and get a car for you now.”  And so practical me went to the car store and got herself a new car.  Not the 1966 Ford Bronco I was dreaming of because that doesn’t seem to qualify in the “practical car, may one day have a family” category (and they certainly didn’t have airconditioning back in 1966 which is a bit of a lifetime requirement for any girl who grew up in Columbia, South Carolina), but a little sedan that they didn’t even have in the color I wanted.  For the first week that I had the new car, I parked it far, far away from everything and walked around it to make sure it was still in perfect shape each time I returned to it.  Because not only am I a helicopter bag owner, I am a helicopter new car owner, too.  You can imagine what made me stop parking it far, far away and walking around the car every time I returned to it, right?  A ding.  A ding that I discovered on Day 5 of new car ownership.  A ding that made me so sad when I saw it that I stuck my finger in it to be sure it was true, but, ultimately, a ding that probably saved me from exhibiting even more degrees of my crazy if it hadn’t happened. 

Seems the Go Ahead, Enjoy It   post and the column it came from in the Charlotte Observer has resonated with a lot of people (I’ve been stopped on the street and at the post office about it) and so I thought I’d share some of the fun thoughts about it and pictures of the inspiring bag. 

Mary said:  Thank you for your wonderful article featured in today’s Charlotte Observer (Charlotte, NC)! It spoke directly to my heart about all the “nice things” I have kept packed away for what is quickly becoming decades. Fine china that I NEVER recall using–and quite frankly don’t like any more–I finally packed up and plan to re-sell. Lead crystal that I did finally start using EVERY DAY! Fancy stainless steel that I need to use more EVERY DAY! Fine jewelry that I am starting to wear again after too many years  sitting in the jewelry box all wrapped up safe and secure. I encourage all my guests to use the “nice glasses” in the cabinet because that’s what they’re for: to enjoy! Thank you for reminding us that these special possessions are only special when we use them.

Polly said:   This is a great thing to think about. Yes, I need to delight, to live, experience and let the beautiful Italian journal that I’ve had for two years, get all used up with interesting, grimy, challenging, inspiring, messy ideas and ink and smears. I’m going for the delight angle too…thanks for reminding me. Makes so much sense.

Suezette said:  Ohhh-I have a pair of sexy red heels that have barely touched the flithy street. I’m breaking them out of the box and sporting them this weekend with my love!

Post pics of the bag – with it on your arm and while you are out and about! I’ll send you pics with my hot shoes on too!!!!

Jenny said:  What a great point, Rosie! I recently noticed that I had let some truffle oil go bad because I never thought I had an occasion special enough to use it. Isn’t that awful?

This article made me laugh, and Suzette, you enjoy your red heels! I have AWFUL feet and have had bunion surgery; somehow this doesn’t stop me from buying to-die-for heels that I just Can Not Wear because they hurt me so badly. I can’t even donate them later because I love them so much. I look at them in my closet, pout, and curse the foot gods.

Here’s to using your truffle oil, wearing your heels, carrying your favorite bags, and realizing what you just should not buy!

Love, love, love these comments.  And I love the idea of our naming what we are just going to enjoy this summer without worrying about ruining it. 

This inspiring bag will be joining me on an upcoming trip to the theatre. I just had to say to the theatre. It sounded fancy. Like my bag. Truth is I am going to a play, y'all. A play called Dixie Swim Club that my friend Donna Scott is in.

Here's the rear view. Not that rear view. The rear view of the bag.

And from the that's what you get file. Look what that is. A stain. A friggin' stain on the bag that has spent it's whole life on a high closet shelf. Not sure what happened there but that'll show me not to be scared to take it out. At least when I take it out, it's under my watchful, helicopter bag owner eyes.

So, now it is your turn.  Share with us what you are going to go ahead and enjoy this summer or even send me photos of it ( and I’ll post them on here.  Here’s to a summer of living in delight!

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3 responses to “Show Your Stuff”

  1. Brenda

    Gorgeous bag, Rosie!! I love it!!

  2. Suezette

    Ohhhh-I love the bag and I’m so sad for the stain – but now you can take it out of the house and not park so far away from the front door. I’m also breaking out my diamond stud earrings this weekend too! And making mom break out the china so we can eat pizza over the weekend. Hmmm…but then I have to hand wash the dishes and that’s not fun. OK never mind on the china.
    Muah! Love you!!!!

  3. Jenny

    Wow – gorgeous bag, Rosie! It deserves to be admired by all who go to “the theatre.” 🙂

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