Milk Money

So, I have not one lick of three-dimensional creativity.  My brother, sister, and I ended up with fairly disparate talents as it turns out.  My brother is the athlete and strategic mind (he’s a coach now!).  I’m the writer and teacher.  And my sister?  She’s the crafty one.  

She has the cutest little cap shop on Etsy and I’ve been bugging her for awhile to let me plug her on my blog.  Finally, I scored her permission as well as a sale for my readers.  It helps that I am her favorite sister.  She would so not offer that sale to some other sister. 

Anyway, from Monday, May 31st, until Saturday, June 5th, she is offering my blog readers 15% off of any of her hats.  Here is how you score the discount:  visit her site.  Check out her styles and then click on a style that appeals to you.  When that page comes up, you’ll see an option at the bottom of the page that allows you to contact the seller.  Hit that option and send her a message telling her that you are an Hijas blog reader.  Every order is a custom order so you can also tell her what colors and size you want and then she’ll set up a special custom order for you on her site for you to purchase the hat with the 15% discount.  I tend to buy (I insist that I pay her.  She likes to fight me about it but I am taller than she is and she grows tired of my insistence) hats in bulk– counting up all the babies I know that are going to soon be born, figuring out holiday and birthday presents for the little and big kids in my life and then just knowing that my crafty, clever, creative sister will take care of business, and I”ll have the cutest gifts to give when the time comes. 

And, now, gratuitous photos of my favorite Milk Money hats…

Happy shopping!

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