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  1. Elyssa

    Forgive me if I sounds like I’m just pilfering from your beautifully written comment on my post yesterday, but thank you, thank you for this reminder. So powerful and yet so hard to remember — and even harder to accept when you’re in the throws of it.

    I think that “It’s not about you.” actually applies to most anything negative or critical someone might say to you. When someone says something cruel about your appearance or behavior, it’s so freeing to pause a beat and remember that that negative thought is coming from a hurting place in the other person. When I’m able to make that leap from getting offended (and defensive) to recognition and understanding….oh man, my anger dissolves and I feel like I’ve chipped away at some of the baggage I carry around, getting closer to the real me..

  2. A little self-awareness goes a very long way « Hijas Americanas

    […] I mentioned the other day that I have been reflecting on the absolutes that I preach while teaching the body image course.  The last one I shared was that it is never about you.  […]

  3. Kelley

    This is so true. Thanks for writing this insightful and profound post; I wish all girls could read it.

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