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The little kid is making friends.  By force.  When we arrive somewhere friendly (the YMCA, a birthday party, etc but not Target) of late, he walks up to the people he doesn’t know, shakes their hand, hugs them, and then tries to coerce them  into holding hands with him.  This is cute at 20 months.  May not be so cute at 20.  Hopefully, this will wear off by then.  For now, I am loving it and thanking all the nice folks who play along with Happy’s grand friendship scheme. 

The veggies are in the ground, they are being watered, and we’re hoping that despite Happy and the neighbor dog who plays in our yard a lot with Lola, that we’ll still have something to harvest come June, July, and August.  We’ll see. 

I don’t get to do it all that often but I love putting Happy down for the night.  We read two books, I sing two songs, and he gets two kisses (one from each of the mamas in his life) and then as I rock him into relaxing, I just quietly compose a letter to his biological mama in my head, telling her how he is doing, sharing everything I wish for her to know about him in my heart.   Seriously, might be favorite parenting moment right there– it grounds me and reminds me of what a special gift we have. 

The hair straightening is today (Thursday).  I’ve had hair nightmares.  In one, Happy throws up on my head, and I can’t wash it for four days (this comes from the fact that they put keratin in your hair for the straightening and you can’t wash your hair the first four days).  Nice, eh?  Hope the real thing is less nightmarish.  More on that soon!

I’ve been doing a water running class at the Y that I love (as I have a self-diagnosed stress fracture in my foot.  I imagine I should go to the doctor for that, but as other mom’s know, it takes a village for a mom to get to the doctor and I am fairly certain that he’ll just tell me to stay off of it as much as possible so I am self-treating at home by always wearing my Danskos and water running instead of real running) and it makes me STARVING.  When I leave there, I want a McDonald’s hamburger (not a quarterpounder, just one of those lil’ burgers with the chopped onions and ketchup in ample supply).  I am fairly certain that is a counterproductive desire since I run to help my heart by healthy.  And I can’t help but wonder what I will be craving once I well into my vegetarian phase.   

The little kid is 34 inches tall.  That is more than half my height.  At almost 20 months.  Go little beanstalk, go!

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  1. jennifer Fowler

    that’s a “framer”! he’s adorable and i love that he’s so social. I love that he makes friends wherever he goes…..And, I love that you are starving after swimming. I just need to step foot in a pool and I become ravenous. And, you are right….the little onions coupled with the mustard, ketchup concoction is what makes it. can’t wait to hear about the veggie weeks! i have a great recipe for sweet potato and black bean enchiladas I can share. they are great!

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