Yoga Homework

So, in yoga class the other day, we were given homework.  Not pigeon pose for 10 minutes everyday or some threading the needle while watching tv.  Nope, we were to write a gratitude list for 5 of the next 7 days.  The list needs to have 10 things a day.  I figured the best way to protect the list from landing in Happy’s hands and, thus, disappearing, was to write it here.  So here we go. 

Tuesday, April 13:   an unexpected hug and kiss from Happy after changing his diaper, endless sunshine and perfect temps for plenty of outdoor play, our sweet neighbors who share their extra fennel and red leaf lettuce with us, a friend in town who hadn’t seen Happy since he started walking and promptly shared all her raspberries with Happy when we happened upon her, the incredible class leaders we have for our Circle de Luz 2015 Class, an unexpected donation for Circle de Luz arriving in the mail, Glee’s back, books that you can’t put down, a tantrumless day (for Happy, people!), my big brother calling to talk all things sports

Wednesday, April 14:  the incredible Circle de Luz board, their thoughtful approach to things, and great ideas (that is one great big one), Happy’s amazing babysitter who allows me to work a couple times a week without worrying a bit about how he is doing, BF’s amazingly smooth morning routine with Happy, water running (and by that I mean that I take a class called water running at the Y and not that the water was working- although it was and I am also grateful for that since I had to shower after water running), sweet friends who share their little boys’ clothes with us (thanks, Jen!), the irrepressible way Happy sticks his hand out to people he doesn’t know when he wants them to shake or hold his hand, the leader of another non-profit reaching out to offer Circle de Luz her space whenever we need it, other moms so graciously staring their stoires and insights, writing (and turning in!) a satisfying article, being asked by a student to write a reference letter for her for grad school  

Thursday, April 15: my other friend Jen’s hysterical morning email that started the day just right, sharing grapes with Happy for our morning snack and watching the juice river down his chin, planting fennel, the most divine herb and garlic drenched chicken breast for dinner (and the leftovers that remain for lunch!), my very cool agent, the fastest event planning session- 4 total emails from start to finish- for a summer arts experience with the Circle de Luz girls, pictures of a friend’s sweet daughters arriving over email, our off-the-chain school contacts at our Circle de Luz schools, a beautiful afternoon with perfect temperatures and brilliant sunshine, and my very cute parents who just make me smile

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