Prison Break

At the scene of the crime

9:30 PM, Sunday Night

BF and I are lying in bed watching Undercover Boss.  We’re exhausted from a crazy, busy weekend, and we’re a little bit worried because we know Happy is awake in his bed 2.5 hours after we put him down for the night.  Then, all of a sudden, the unbelievable catches my eye.  HAPPY IS RUNNING IN TO OUR BEDROOM (WEARING A SLEEP SACK WHICH IS A WEARABLE BLANKET THAT IS LIKE BEING ZIPPED INTO A PILLOWCASE), A SIPPY CUP IN HAND, EYES ALIGHT WITH THE FREEDOM OF BEING LIBERATED FROM HIS CRIB, OUT OF HIS ROOM, IN OUR ROOM, WELL AFTER BEDTIME. 

Immediately, I freak out.  Not because Happy is out of his crib but because there MUST be someone in our house playing a very bad joke on us and I can’t help but feel like whoever is in our house has malicious intent.  So I force BF out of bed and make him go investigate thoroughly and Happy and I lump up in the big bed.  Happy still laughing at this good fortune. 

A few minutes later, BF returns to say that, Nope, the house is empty.  As it turns out, Happy, who has given no indication that he was thinking about staging a prison break, planted his hands on the crib rail, worked both legs over (in a sack), landed on his feet, padded his way across the room, opened his bedroom door, opened his bathroom door, worked his way the long way around the house through four pitch dark rooms, found a sippy cup, and then made his way to our bedroom. 

So, we sat shell-shocked in bed, most amused by the fact that in the car just hours earlier we had decided that we were going to lower his crib the next day– “JUST TO BE SAFE.”  Happy laughed and laughed and laughed and pushed us around on the bed and probably marveled at how very boring our late nights (and read late night as 8 pm) are– I know he was thinking that he was missing out on so much more.  No, Happy, you aren’t.  We are so tired at the end of the day that we get in bed within 30 minutes of you and then stare off in space, unable to form sentences.  

Anyway, we put him back in bed about an hour later and ten minutes later, we hear his feet hit the ground and pitter patter to his bedroom door.  I bust in just as he is about to bust out and he freezes.  This time, because we are not prepared to lower his crib at 11:30 pm on a Sunday night, we put him down only after he’s asleep in BF’s arms.  And the first thing Monday morning, we lower that crib.  We figure we’ve bought ourselves peace of mind for about 2 more inches.

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5 responses to “Prison Break”

  1. Stephanie Mitchell Schechter

    Hee hee! I have caught Harry trying to swing a leg over before, but he can’t get the momentum to swing the other over. I bet the sleep sack pulled the second leg over!

    Hope this isn’t a glimpse into the high school years….

  2. Brenda

    LOVE it!!!!!! Baby was just thrilled with his adventure!!!!!!

  3. suezette

    Of course he got the sippy cup – all that work, you’d be thirsty too!

  4. fightingwindmills

    Thanks for giving me the motivation I needed to lower Charlotte’s crib! Right after reading this I went and did it! Now she seems bewildered at not being able to peer over the rail. She must think she shrunk. LOL.

  5. Jillian

    I am soo impressed he did it with the “sack” on! and a little fearful for you and BF too!

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