Counting My Blessings

So, here it is.  This year’s round up of blessings I’ll be counting on Thanksgiving day (and everyday).  Most are serious, one is silly, and all of them do my heart good.  What are the serious and silly blessings you are counting this holiday season?   

1.  Our sweet, funny little boy.  There are times when I go to bed at night and miss him to pieces (there are also times when I think “how soon can we put him to bed?”).  He makes me laugh, he drives me mad, and he warms my heart.  My days are better because of this little boy. 

2.  The ability to be with baby most of every day during his first year home.  What a blessing indeed to watch every new nuance of his character develop.

3. BF- he has been a great husband for many years and is such a wonderful dad.   

4.  My work– it allows me to be flexible and creative while doing something meaningful and satisfying. 

5.  My students– I learn more from them than they do from me and they give me hope in the future. 

6.  My agent: for believing in my work and giving me a chance.   

7.  The women and girls of Circle de Luz.  From the unbelievable founding and current board of directors (thank you Eve, Anna, Jen, Jocelyn, Rosemary, and Mary Kathryn) to the 100 Mijas who support a total of 13 girls with comprehensive programming and a future scholarship, from the Class of 2015 Circle Captains (thank you Amanda, Tatiana, and Alica) to the wonderful 13 Hijas we work with, from our school partners to our community donors, Circle de Luz does my heart good. 

8.  My family.  Love ’em, each and every one of them.

9.  My neighbors.  You can’t believe the honey pot of goodness we have landed in with our neighbors.  We heart them something fierce.  And when either set goes out of town, oh we miss ’em! 

10.  My friends.  Whether they are local or long distance, they all make me laugh, think, and enjoy life all the more.      

11.  The journey of adoption.  I have learned so much about myself, parenting, another country, this process and am so much the richer for it.  I have also made some wonderful friends. 

12.  You.  Seriously, you give up time out of your day to allow me a place to process my experience and you offer me support, insight, and good humor. 

13.  Baby’s caregivers.  Baby now goes to a sitter a few hours a week, and she is fabulous with our little guy.  We’re also lucky to have neighbors, family members, and a wonderful high school student who are willing and excited about being with baby when a girl wants to go the grocery store alone or those other little ‘can’t take baby with us’ moments in life appear. 

14.  A good night’s sleep.  We’ve only been sleeping better for six weeks now but, boy, is it decadent.  I get in bed at night and just smile (a noticeable change from when I used to get in bed at night and start having an anxiety attack over how bad it might possibly be). 

15.  Fantasy football.  It gives me a way to divert my nervous football season energy when my real team’s not doing all that well.

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  1. Camille

    Hey girl,

    Long time no talk. Your blog is amazing and the pictures are beautiful. How are things going? Are you on Facebook? I don’t have a blog anymore and FB is the next best thing for me to share our life and photos.

    Take Care,

    Camille Smicz (mother of Samuel and Samson)

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