3 responses to “What I love about parenting”

  1. Jillian

    I really appreciate the way you are able to put all those ‘mommy feelings’ into words so gracefully. People ask how I am all the time and I am more than “good” I am in my ‘own skin’ in life…where I felt I have been prepared to be for so long. It is hard to describe to people.

    Love the pics:)

  2. Mika

    Oh this is a wonderful post!!!! I hope I learn all thiese things too. I wish I never had to go back to the office and could walk around town all day with my daughter….. that would be so excellent. I’m ready for some nice arms too!

  3. Christine

    Rosie this post makes me look foward to motherhood so much. I’m not planning on being a mother for a long time but you make it sound so absolutely fulfilling. You’re inspiring in this ‘work’ as well.

    On another note, his skin is enviable. Absolutely beautiful. It’s always the boys that get the beautiful skin AND the long eyelashes. Edible, I tell you.

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