The funny thing about parenting


Holy cow.  Being a parent is a wonderful thing.  I recently said to a friend, “who knew something so small could feel so big, could fill you up so much?”  But something so small can also lead to the most comic of moments.  And I thought I’d share a few of those stories right now.

Two weeks ago, when we were still TOTAL rookies, we awoke to change a diaper in the middle of the night.  Groggy, we didn’t do a sufficient job of covering the goods when our boy was all undiapered and exposed.  Sleepy and near delirious, I noticed Baby A’s face was shining before I noticed that he was using the bathroom directly into his face.  I am a bad person because I laughed, laughed, laughed (but I cleaned him up pronto before laughing, laughing, laughing). 

BF has taken to deciphering what Abram says when he chatters.  The other day, he told BF, “I will thwart you.”  I think that was in reference to our sleep schedule.  He also says “what up” fairly frequently.  Prolific 5 month old I tell you.

The other morning, I looked over the feeding chart we had been trying to keep.  At 3 am, I had written “Margaret cut some ziggies.”  I have no idea who Margaret is but I am feeling really sorry for the ziggies.  I also cannot believe that the woman who wrote that cares for an infant in that same state of mind.

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3 responses to “The funny thing about parenting”

  1. Ashley

    Loved this. I think being able to laugh at yourselves as parents will take you far. 🙂

  2. jen

    ok, both of those stories are hysterical. you gotta laugh!

  3. Carole Turner

    I love him, I love him, I love him!! Abel is sitting by me and he said “endrieus”

    I miss our group. I miss Ethiopia.

    God bless and thanks for sharing your stories!

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