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  2. Icess Fernandez

    This year’s theme: FEARLESS

    Life is about to change drastically for me. And although I’ve thought and planned for years about this change, I finally decided to have faith, believe in my dreams and step forward. Now there is no turning back, I have to be, need to be fearless.

    That’s my theme.

  3. rosiemolinary

    Icess, I love it. On that note, I wear a necklace at almost all times that says Fearlessness. I love it. It is a fundraiser for Marishka Hargitay’s Joyful Heart Foundation (which supports victims of abuse) made by Me&Ro, and this thing just fills my soul with fierceness. You can google Me&Ro or The Joyful Heart Foundation if you want to wear your theme. It’s not inexpensive (I think my necklace was $100), but I put aside money from a few pay checks for it and was so excited when I had finally earned it. I am asked about it all the time and so I am constantly reminded to live my life with fearlessness.

  4. Rites Inc.

    Thanks Rosie for the positive and self-less ideas for 2009. I’m approaching 40 (a year or so out) and investing in others is an idea constantly on my heart.

    I currently volunteer once a month helping out with some high school students, but I’m looking to do even more. Your post let’s me know I’m not alone.


  5. rosiemolinary

    Looks like you are doing some really interesting things at Rites Inc, shayonjoseph. I look forward to following along!

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