5 responses to “Five Things I Loved in October”

  1. Ashley

    Rosie, that documentary sounds really interesting. Did you have to buy it, or were you able to rent it somewhere?

  2. rosiemolinary

    We had a university copy. I noticed that they are selling individual copies on the web-site for just over $20 but I don”t kow about any rental options. It really is fascinating. If anyone does movie night with girlfriends regularly, it might be worth it to have everyone pitch in a few bucks to buy it, watch, and then discuss it.

  3. fightingwindmills

    Your sister did a great job knitting the hair for her children, Rosie! They look so sweet. I really enjoyed reading your list of things to love about October.

  4. Susana Nolley

    The kiddos look adorable!

  5. Anna

    Rosie your sister did a fantastic job creating costumes on Thing 1 and Thing 2!! I love it!! And I second your vote for soup season but I have to have a side of E! Talk Soup to go with it. I heart Joel McHale.

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