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  1. Yvette


    Ok Im tired just from all reading that!!!

    Cant help U on the writing stuff.. Id tell U to work out 1st thing in the moring but thats when U want to write.. SO im outta ideas..lol

    All I can do is keep sending U funny emails. Only now I feel like Id be taking U away from working 😉

    Oh CUTE rug!.. and Miss Lola is still a beauty!!

  2. rosiemolinary

    Yvette, you are spot on– Unless I have an event mid-morning or so, I do most of my workouts right when I wake because I’ll talk myself out of them otherwise. But then I need to get to my desk asap because my mind’s just not as sharp in the afternoon. And keep sending those funny e-mails. They crack me up!

    As for the rug, it was the find of this year! The bonus: it’s one of Miss Lola’s favorite places in the house so she doesn’t whine as much about wanting to be in our bedroom instead (the only other place in the house that has something on the floor other than hardwoods) when I am working. Since Lola is a herding dog, she has to be THISCLOSE to her herd– me and BF- at all times. When my office didn’t have a rug, she stood behind me letting out a highpitch whine that lasted about 45 seconds each, begging me to go do my work on the bed so she could lay on the carpet in the bedroom. Now, she’ll whine a little bit and then just collapse on my office floor to sleep.

  3. fightingwindmills

    I’m so impressed, Rosie! Thanks for sharing this insight into your daily life. Your office looks really nice.

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