4 responses to “The Little Team that could…”

  1. Michael and Carly

    We were searching for words to describe the intense feelings of seeing little old Davidson make the sweet 16 but you said it best. Thanks!

  2. fightingwindmills

    Wasn’t watching the game last night intense? I watched it at my parents house and we were beyond excited. My mom cried at the end. Thanks for writing about it. 😛

    The Inside HigherEd bracket is great!

  3. rosiemolinary

    It was so intense (and it drove me crazy when the guys would be sprinting down the court with the ball and CBS would cut to another game. What were they thinking?)– and, ultimately, so fun!

  4. Teeny

    Hi Rosie! I went to Davidson when you were Director of Community Service and remember our “Women’s Dinners” fondly.

    ‘LOVED your post – I’m cheering loud and proud from southern California!

    -Kristine H. (’03)

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