8 responses to “A M'ija to Meet: Ivana, Boricua (Puerto Rican)”

  1. Milly

    Of course we Boricuas are damn sexy mija! Sending some sucia love your way. MUAH!

  2. Susana

    Great interview chica! So happy to have the opportunity of getting to know you more with the Sucias.

  3. Brenda

    Great interview, honey!!!

  4. Loida


  5. Raquel

    Go Girl!!! Woohooo!!!! I must agree with you are a darn sexy!!! yay!!!

  6. kimi lopez

    hola i’m kimi i’m half boricua my mom is and i’m learning spanish from my mom sometimes because she doesn’t like speaking spanish unless its her parents and trust me i’m learning too ooh not to be gay or anything but you are so cute you look like my cousin yumi lopez ya’ll look alike

  7. kimi lopez

    hola chica this is kimi lopez and i’m proud to be half boricua too girl so where was you born in puerto rico or united states?

  8. Kimberley Santinia

    Boricua Hasta La Muerte mamii
    We are SEXY DAMN!!!!

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