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  1. Michelle Hernandez

    so how did you gain that 30 lbs and how long did it take? I am underweight have always been.

  2. rosiemolinary

    A lot of women who are underweight really struggle with how to put on weight and there are certainly many different factors to being able to do it successfully. The truth is that the basic math we hear about weight loss and weight gain (3500 calories in means you gain a pound, 3500 calories out means you lose a pound) isn’t the whole formula. Weight loss and gain– in my experience– has been more of calculus than basic math. All that said, I think anyone who is looking to gain or lose weight for health reasons has to look at root causes. The root cause for my being underweight was fairly obvious– I was skipping meals, days at a time, and my body had no sustenance. Everyone’s root causes will be different (ie: eating meals but not enough calories to match the body’s metabolism, etc). I suggest finding a nutritionist or fitness center for tests for metabolism (the test I have done uses a breathing tube that is a little bit unpleasant but not painful or uncomfortable– just weird). That will give you a base calorie amount that you would have to intake just to maintain weight and a starting point to understand how many calories your body needs a day. Then, depending on other root causes, you might work on your own, with a nutritionist, or with a psychologist who specializes in this area to build a plan that will help you get to where you want to be to healthy. This is a great question– I am going to ask a friend who specializes in this area to come on and comment, too so check back for her insight!

  3. fightingwindmills

    (tee hee; I’m so jealous of that prom dress)

  4. rosiemolinary

    Windmills, is it the color, the big pouffy sleeves, or the bow on the hip? Too bad you can’t see the bubble skirt. I did the 1990s proud.

  5. Jen

    Rosie, that dress rocks! So did this post. It was great of you to tell this story, and important that you shared it with everyone. I think we all tend to overextend ourselves at times and neglect what is important (like our health and happiness). Great post!

  6. fightingwindmills

    Rosie, I think it’s the sheen of the dress that I covet. And I like your fingernail polish. 😛

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