A M'ija to Meet: Adele Nieves, Puerto Rican and Spanish


What I love about being Latina:I love all things Latin. The food is delectable; the culture is colorful and rich; the people are strong and beautiful; the language is romantic poetry and the countries are picturesque. 

What I love about being Americana:  The freedom! The freedom to express what you think, what you see, and what you hear with your own unique voice. As Maya Angelou said, there is no agony like hearing an untold story inside of you. In America, you have the opportunity to tell your story, or the stories of others, uncensored.

 My biggest challenge in growing up Latina in America:Discovering that a whole group of people could be shunned for the color of their skin, their religion, their dress and/or their language.  Being discriminated against for my nationality. Learning that “Puerto Rican” could mean something bad or low-class to people. So many were (and continue to be) convinced Puerto Ricans are garbage, like the worst portrayals of us on television: we all speak broken Spanish; we are having a slew of unfathered children; we’re on welfare or in gangs, and will eventually be in jail.  I’d say overcoming that prejudice is a challenge!    

My biggest support in growing up Latina in America: Books! They taught me to dream, to write, and to explore my own creativity.  

Why I am beautiful:Because, “I add richness to this world, that only variety can bring (~Anais Nin)” and my modelo style – ha! (see picture above).

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13 responses to “A M'ija to Meet: Adele Nieves, Puerto Rican and Spanish”

  1. Susan Star

    Adele: Fabulous to see you here! As always…beautiful comments, performance, and writing!
    All my best- Susan Star

  2. Violeta

    Im so happy about this blog!! This is so beautiful! Sometimes I feel no complete affection to my Americaness, African-Americanness, Panamanianness, Afro-Latinaness, West-Indianness because there is no forum. But that title hija americana makes me so happy!! It’s not all inclusive in my case but its a great title for those who are share both worlds!! Im glad you forwarded this to me!!! 😀 Hope to see you el jueves!! 😀

  3. Sheri Brooks


    You are indeed a beautiful person. You are right, your culture is rich and you expressed feelings on being Latina and Americana so eloquently! Love and Hugs

  4. Jen

    You certainly DO add a richness to the world. Keep it coming sister! Abrazos.

  5. Sudy

    Un abrazo fuerte.


  6. Cliff Burns

    Beautiful inside and out–smart, politically astute, never willing to accept the status quo–hallmarks of a good person…

  7. Marianela Medrano-Marra


    I am glad we share more than our love for words! As a Latina living in the USA I have enough distance to see the beauty and charisma of all Latino cultures, and how the colors permeates who we are, regardless of distance and time.

    Enhorabuena hermama!

  8. Mykel

    I love Adele!

    She is strength, she is brilliance and inspiration.

    The world needs to listen to her! Thank you for bringing focus to these issues.


  9. Veronica


    And this is making me move up Hijas on my TBR pile.

  10. Dana Rae

    Well spoken and beautiful. From someone who has been completely endeared to the Latin culture myself, I can say Adele represents its beauty and richness better than anyone I know.

  11. Patsy

    I am not latino, I was born here and I am proud that I was. Although I can relate on a very small level. When I was young I knew my heritage which is Italian, English and Hungarian. I would tell adults when asked of my nationality I would always say hungarian first because I loved knowing I had a Gypsy side to me. The reaction was never the same as mine. It was obvious to me at a very young age gypsies were dirty and thieves and poor. I am still very proud of that part of me, I hold it very dearly. I am also so happy their are people like you in this world. You and people like you have changed this world for the better. I know this because I don’t get the same kind of feedback as I used to, as often, That is why you and all others must keep it up! Good job!!

  12. ellen jarvis

    Adele is one of the most vibrant, kind and beautiful women I know. And I am always suprised at the prejudice that still exists. Hopeuflly with women like Adele we can finally come from a place where we see ourselves and each other as a human community – period!

  13. Bee

    Adele – the light that you shed is an unbrella that encircles and enlighten. It is time that people are seem as part of the whole human experience and not burden with labels that are hindering, unfair and unjust. “Liberación” to all. You continue to make a difference.


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