A Body Warrior to Meet: Jenny


What I love about myself:  My contagious laugh.

My biggest challenge in accepting my body and beauty: That the female body images I see on TV and in magazines are not only unrealistic to achieve, but often literally un-real. 
My biggest support in learning to appreciate myself: My husband is my rock. He taught me that I DESERVE to be happy and love myself as I am.  I never knew!  Beauty is: Having confidence that you are just-about the best you can possibly be, inside and out.  

Why I am strong: Because I know that I have a fabulous family and friends to call on when I need to, and I try not to need to.  Why I am beautiful: Because I look like my son, who is the most beautiful person to me.  What women must know:  There is NO universal standard.  We are all smart, beautiful, unique, and gifts to our world.  Knowing this, take a deep breath and stand up straight before you walk out your door.  Be your best and be thankful for the beauty you find all around you, even in the mirror.  

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  1. Jen G.

    I love Jenny! And, you ARE beautiful girl!

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