Fighting Back Against Pressure to be Perfect

Read a great column on Friday in The Charlotte Observer.  THe CO has some really talented editors, and one of the things that I have most apprecaited about the CO’s vision is that they are willing to think outside of the box.  The current and past style editors (Rachel Sutherland and Crystal Dempsey) have been wholeheartedly committed to having the section be the province of all women– not just cater to the wealthy, the thin, the blonde, or the young.   They do good work, and one of the things that I most look forward to is the Friday column by the style editor.  Sutherland’s column this past Friday was especially great.  Inspired by the newest ad in the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, Sutherland goes both global and local (as in talking about her own sense of self) with her thoughts.  I wanted to share the column with you here.   


The girl’s pink lips are slightly upturned at the corners. Her long, red hair is flitting in the breeze. The beat that is playing is infectious.

Something’s coming.

Faster than you can say “girl power,” in the video found only on the Web, she’s bombarded with images of skinny women, diet aids, food, plastic surgery and scantily clad dancers.

The message the round-faced girl and her Euro-indie soundtrack are sending is serious: “Talk to your daughter before the beauty industry does.”

The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty last week debuted the video “Onslaught” as a follow-up to “Evolution,” which won the Grand Prix for viral marketing at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

“(We) try to reach women and young girls where they are,” says Kathy O’Brien, Dove U.S. marketing director.

“We’re giving girls a reality check,” O’Brien says. “You start to realize the people you see in magazines and on billboards, that’s just not how they wake up in the morning. We want to help show them what’s real and what’s not.

Read it all here. 

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