A M'ija to Meet: Jamie, Mexican-American


What I love about being Latina: Knowing two different languages and being able to voice my opinions and reach twice as many people.

What I love about being Americana: Having the freedom to voice those opinions in any language I desire.

My biggest challenge in growing up Latina in America: For many years people thought I was Asian/American. When I told them I was Mexican/American their look changed from genuine curiosity to a look of almost disregard. Overcoming that and not being cast into the stereotypes we are so often put in.

My biggest support in growing up Latina in America: Having older generations and strong public voices to create a path for younger generations to walk and build upon with less hardship then in previous years.

Why I am beautiful: I’ve got a booty that would make J.Lo jealous!  No no, I’m just playing. My curves are what make me beautiful. My curves are the heirloom that was passed from my grandmother, to my mother, and now to me. I am the embodiment of the Mexican women in my family. Also, the curves that were created from creating my beautiful baby boy, Nico.

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  1. Rockie

    Dang Girl! You are an awesome writer! Wow! Damn proud of you! Hugs to you and Nico! FYI, once I get off the plane, I better see that Margarita! hehehe! Keep rising girlie!

  2. Nancy

    Baby got back!

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