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I am partnering with some great women to produce a blog and regular print column on women’s issues.  We are creating a list of topics that we want to discuss (the group is made up women in the media, theatre, non-profit sector, arts, and counseling field.  We represent a range of ages and back-grounds), and I would love to have your input on what we should be discussing.  What questions would you have for a group like this?  What topics would you want to hear discussed  (ie:  do women have a responsibility to support Hillary’s campaign, how do gossip mags affect the lives of everyday women, etc)?  What are the things you find yourself discussing with other women?  Please share your ideas with me so that I can compile them for inspiration for the group.  All ideas will be considered for columns, and every person who submits an idea by Wednesday, October 3 at noon will be entered into a drawing for one of four books:  a signed copy of Hijas Americanas, a signed copy of Waking Up American, a signed copy of The Anti 9 to 5 Guide, and a copy of Body Outlaws.   Help a sister out and leave your ideas in the comments section now!     

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  1. Raquel Michel

    I think an important issue is how can the Latino community can force change. We are the largest “minority” group in the US, yet we are the first or second least having our youth graduate from HS, with a Bachelor’s or higher degree. Maybe talking about the factors like sex, how to address this with your child? It may be taboo for many Latino families, but reality is that in the US girls are most likely to get pregnant when in HS. Working with students who attended an Alternative HS, many girls had children or were pregnant, the males had been in juvenile hall or incarcerated on probation, the foster system, and other personal issues. I think this is one topic that can be discussed not only for parents, but for educators, community, and how we can all get invovlved to create intervention. i know i just blabbed on…the usual. Hope this is a good idea. if you wanna e-mail me…i have several ideas. woohoo!

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