Looking back at last week

I had a great line-up of events last week.  I did events at colleges in North and South Carolina in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, and I had the opportunity to work with and meet some really wonderful young people.  At Davidson on Monday night, I did the 10 Things program and it was so nice to have an audience that was really interested in these issues.  We wrapped up the night with a book signing and dulce de leche cake (yum!).  Thanks OLAS!  On Wednesday, I crossed the stateline and went to Winthrop University for a reading and signing.  They were a great audience with interesting quetions from the reading and the student organizers and their advisor did a wonderful job.  On Friday, I was back at Davidson to do a program for the psychology department on the research aspect of Hijas.  I was able to talk about some of the data that doesn’t get a lot of attention in this setting which was a real pleasure as there is so much data worth sharing from the research.  After the presentation, I went to dinner with four Psychology majors, and we just had a great time talking about youth culture, media implications, beauty standards, Disney and its female leads, confidence vs. insecurity.  I am always heartened after spending time with dynamic young people— one of the real indulgences of the college tour for me. Many thanks to my hosts and attendees for an inspiriting, provocative week!       

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