This Week in Hijas Events and the NFL

I am on the road this week.  On Monday, I head to Berry College in Rome, Georgia for two programs:  10 Things That Will Make You Think, Speak and Act and Smashing the Beauty Box (one will be Monday night and the other is Tuesday over lunch).  On Wednesday night, I’ll be doing a book club program.  On Thursday, I head to Maryland to deliver the 10 Things program.  On Saturday, I head to the Latino Book and Family Festival where I will read at 4 pm in Suite E of the George Brown Convention Center.  I get home just in time on Sunday to watch some NFL football.  Did you know that I am a huge NFL fan?  It’s a bit absurd.  Years ago, Darius Rucker, lead singer of Hootie and the Blowfish wrote a song, Only Wanna be with You, and included the line “I am such a baby because the Dolphins make me cry.”  Maybe people thought he was talking about sweet little bottle-nose dolphins in the ocean.  Darius is a huge Miami Dolphins fan, and as a rabid Carolinas Panthers fan, I know exactly what Darius was saying.  Last Sunday’s wallop from the Houston Texans left me with a stomachache.  I didn’t even want to eat dinner.  Then I do things like feverishly wish that the Texans wallop the Colts so that I can rationalize in my head that the loss wasn’t because we played so badly– it’s just that the Texans are that unbeatable.  But deep down inside, where the stomachache resides, I know that we played miserably, even if the Texans are brilliant.  Better go check the game tracker.        

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