4 More Ideas for Championing Yourself

7.  Bask in the things that you love.  Feeling good about your life is a great way to feel good about yourself.   

8.  Don’t reward those that offend you.  Hate the ads for a product because they really objectify women?  Then vote with your dollars and buy a different product.  If we all did this, eventually the company will get the message.  Want to amplify the volume of your message?  Send a letter to the company telling them that you are opting out on their product because of their marketing.   

9.  Give compliments.  Admire (or even envy) someone else.  Let them know.  You’ll boost his or her body image which will make you feel better!   

10.  Don’t punish yourself.  Stop the “I can have, do, be this when I drop five, fifteen, fifty pounds” language.  It’s not that you shouldn’t want to be healthy.  It’s that your shape or size shouldn’t determine your worth or sense of self. 

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2 responses to “4 More Ideas for Championing Yourself”

  1. Ashley

    Love these!

    I’ve always been a firm believer in compliments making someone’s day. Especially if they’re genuine.

    Who knows what kind of good you can do…

  2. rosiemolinary

    I agree. When I left my last position as a college administrator, one of my students said that what she would miss about me was that I always had something positive to say about her and that she could tell it was earnest. She revealed that she often stopped by my office on days when she was feeling down because she knew I would provided reassurance. There is such a value to letting others know that they are not just seen, but also felt, understood, and appreciated.

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