I need your input!

Hello!  I have been thinking lately that it would be cool to start a Yahoo Group for women who want to engage in discussing these issues (and other life issues, too).  It would be an informal e-mail group that one could join and toss a question or comment out when you have it and then get advice and insight from women around the country (world, even, I guess).  If this is the sort of thing that would be interesting to you, let me know by posting a comment and sharing with me what your vision for it would be—or what needs, wants you would like met with it.  I want to gauge interest this week and go from there so post your thoughts by Friday, June 22 at 11 pm EST.  Thanks!    

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2 responses to “I need your input!”

  1. Lisa

    Rosie, I think that’s a great idea. I think many other Latinas would enjoy an open forum of that nature and benefit immensely from it! Maybe a weekly topic of discussion to begin with, and see how it grows from there.


  2. Maria S

    I agree sounds like a great forum.

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