4 responses to “Why learning to sew can help you love your body”

  1. fifi

    how did you make this dress, it’s awesome!!!! Can you please attach a description on how to make it?

  2. rosiemolinary

    Fifi, If only I had made it! It actually is a dressed I ordered that didn’t work for me and I was lamenting in the post that if I knew how to sew, I could have made the dress in a way that would have worked for me. Good luck to you on your sewing projects!

  3. Best of Beautiful You « Hijas Americanas

    […] The arrival of this dress on my door step lifted my spirits for just one moment and then broke my heart because of that ace bandage chest cover.  Looking at that dress, brokenhearted, I was reminded of a passage that I had recently read in a memoir.  Forlorn, I made my way to the computer and wrote Why Learning to Sew Can Help You Love Your Body.  […]

  4. Why don’t you go Sew Retro? « Hijas Americanas

    […] that remain my most read posts every week, years later.  One of them is a post I wrote about how learning to sew can positively impact one’s body image.    Growing up, my mom made all of my dresses and skirts (this was into my 20s).  I can’t […]

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