a girl likes a project

a girl likes a project

alright, so last Friday, I told you that I was missing the sunshiney part of my self (it’s been confirmed: my longest friend said that she did not hear the sunshine in my voice the last time we talked.  She’s been listening to me blabber for 30 years so she would know.).  The reality could be […]

Random Bits

Random Bits

So, it’s a bit out of focus but this picture cracks me up.  Let’s see, what bits do I have to share with you this week. Happy had a breakdown this past weekend over handwashing.  It seems that washing one’s hands three times consecutively is not enough.  There must be more handwashing.  More.  More. More.  […]

Yoga Homework

So, in yoga class the other day, we were given homework.  Not pigeon pose for 10 minutes everyday or some threading the needle while watching tv.  Nope, we were to write a gratitude list for 5 of the next 7 days.  The list needs to have 10 things a day.  I figured the best way to protect the list […]

Put Your Records On

Three months into always going to the YMCA for my workouts and I gots to tell you, my playlists are tired.  TIRED.  Or maybe I am tired (of them).  Anyway, I need some fresh tunes.  What songs get you moving?  Help a sister out.  I need some new motivation come Monday morning on that treadmill and elliptical […]

A Beautiful You signature

One of the things I talk about in Beautiful You is the simple joy and confidence that can be found in having a signature piece of jewelry.  A signature piece doesn’t need to be expensive but it should be expressive of who you are or where you are, a remind of what you want to […]

gardens and birthday lists

Sunshine today.  Thank  you, Mother Earth.  I needed that.  Happy needed that.  We all needed that.   Tomorrow, Happy and I are going to get out the garden pulls and weed our raised beds to prepare them for vegetable seeds.  We’re heading to the supply store on Friday for some seeds.  This year, I am […]

Seriously, what's your word?

Come on. Play along.  I have goodies for you and a deep desire to know your word.  Ready to share your word?  Go here. 

What the book looked like in process with the help of my assistant.

I am the woman on page 70.

The book.  It got done.  Picture #2 is what it looks like bound my way.  Let’s hope it looks a lot more appealing bound my publisher’s way.  Because I don’t think this way would move the books off the shelves in the bookstore.  When I finished the book and sent it off to my editor, I promptly […]