Little Victoria Laine and Laura

Have you ever taken on an alternate persona?

Last week’s funny first date stories– and, oh I loved them!- reminded of other funny things we get ourselves into when we are young and so today we are exploring the world of alternate personas.  Here’s my story:  When I was a little girl, the name that I would take on whenever I played with […]

a date attempting to toss me in the lake back in my college days (he did not succeed)...

What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?

  So, about five years ago, I started a novel that I’ve never finished.  It never got finished because other paying gigs came along over the years, and so I’d shelf the book to go make money so we could eat and all.  Anyway, I recently (read: yesterday) pulled my manuscript back out of the […]


Noticing Anna

For several years, I was a pretty devoted road cyclist.  My dad had been diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of lymphoma and all the waiting, watching, and wondering became too much in the midst of his treatment process.  I got on my bike in the hopes that completing a couple century rides with the Leukemia and Lymphoma […]

Milk Money

Milk Money

So, I have not one lick of three-dimensional creativity.  My brother, sister, and I ended up with fairly disparate talents as it turns out.  My brother is the athlete and strategic mind (he’s a coach now!).  I’m the writer and teacher.  And my sister?  She’s the crafty one.   She has the cutest little cap shop […]

more questions than answers

So, I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions of late.  They go like this… Why did I think it was a good idea to write a 4oo page book?  And, if I had good reasons for that, why did I wait to reread a single page until after all 400 pages were written (and realizing I […]

Who's underwear are these?

Who's underwear are these?

8:30 am Monday morning  The phone rings.  I see it’s my sister.  “What up?”  I answer. “I am just praying that somehow when we get to pre-school that Big Bird will no longer have the Diego underwear on his head.”  Yep, that’s how we talk to each other because my sister’s daughter is a wild […]

you do not have to be good

you do not have to be good

It’s been a week and, sigh, it’s only Wednesday afternoon (when I am writing this post).  There have been lots of big things going on at home (a lil’ birthday party for baby, his one year appointment, the transitions that come with that, and a tree limb that impaled our garage (good news is it […]