Raising Our Voices

Basta! (or enough already with all that judgment)

Basta! (or enough already with all that judgment)

Dear Celebrity Magazines, Oops!  You did it again.  With summer in full swing, the opportunities to engage in your favorite sport are rampant.  And you’ve wasted no time partaking in the game.  Famous girl on the beach in her bathing suit?  Let’s play: Pick Her Apart.  This time, you’ve deemed her a few sizes too […]

photo by Jill E. Williams

What’s your announcement?

Years ago, there was a print ad (Nike?) that I just loved.  It read:   You are born.  And oh, how you wail! Your first breath is a scream. Not timid or low, but selfish and shattering, with all the force of waiting nine months under water. Your whole life should be like that: An announcement.  […]

hate the message that advertising sends? Now is your chance to use your voice.

I’ve posted on here in the past about a documentary called America the Beautiful.  Filmmaker Darryl Roberts is heading up a campaign to boycott Ralph Lauren because of the severe photoshopping done for the company’s ads.  Here is the backstory from the America the Beautiful web-site:  In late September, an ad by fashion giant Ralph Lauren […]