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Had a wonderful, revitalizing weekend at the beach– very good medicine for The Sunshine Project.  As happens with any vacation, you come home to a sea of things to do and so here is a brief round up for you so that I can slay this crazy list with way too many things staring at me from […]

4 Minute Interview

4 Minute Interview

So, I live in a really cool town with neat, creative, passionate people who do things like shut Main Street down for three nights at the beginning of December for winter festivities, host outdoor movies (with canned food as the admission price) and concerts all summer long, have at least one weekend each year where […]

Girlfriendology Podcast

Girlfriendology Podcast

In 2006, Debba Haupert created Girlfriendology to inspire women to appreciate and celebrate the friends who make their lives blessed and beautiful.  There’s a newsletter, a couple blogs, gift ideas, book suggestions, ecards,  podcasts and more.  Now, I am girlfriend spoiled.  I have some wonderful women in my life (although I am awful about getting pictures on my computer, here are […]

Arts a la Mode interview

For those of you in the Charlotte area, check out Arts a la Mode at 8:30 pm on Tuesday, October 9th on TV Channel 21.  I was in the studio not long ago to talk about writing as a career and discipline and the interview will be aired on the 9th.  Also, check out the […]

The Women of Hijas Americanas



Hey!  Just got word from the Today Show that they had to add a segment to Friday which means our slot got reduced to 2 minutes.  Daisy Fuentes will still be on tomorrow (she is doing an event in NYC on Saturday and so they are going to plug it), but we are hoping to […]