Beautiful You

Join me on March 29th at Park Road Books!

In the Greater Charlotte area?   Mark your calendars!  I’ll be at Park Road Books on March 29th to talk  Beautiful You and self-acceptance  and you are invited! 

Learning the lesson the easiest way possible

A few weeks ago, I lost my breakfast. This is not some euphemistic way for me to say I was sick. Nope, I literally could not find my breakfast when I got to the Sugar Shack after carefully packing yogurt, a piece of cheese, and two Cuties to eat at my desk. I tore my backpack […]

it is not about the cupcake

As has become tradition here on the blog, every Valentine’s Day, I tell the same story.  It’s the story of one of the biggest fights in my marriage to BF.  And though it seems like it is about a cupcake, I cannot stress enough that it is NOT about the cupcake: This is the funny thing about our […]


Hey there, dear heart. What a tender time it has been. I imagine that I am not alone in feeling that way. And so in response to all the hurts and heartaches, the feelings of fear and overwhelm, the desire to put good in the world and the desire to feel hopeful and good, I’ve […]

Writing Your Wellness

Writing Your Wellness

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve shared my new year’s rituals here. Today, I want to talk about the third thing I do each new year: write a wellness prescription. Put super simply, a wellness prescription is a self-care plan that outlines how your need to be cared for (by you) physically, mentally, emotionally, and […]

an open letter to my body image students on our first day of class

an open letter to my body image students on our first day of class

It is it the first day of body image class at my university and, as always, I’ll be ending class with this letter.   Yesterday, you looked in the mirror, and, instead of your inherent greatness, you saw flaws.  You saw things you wanted to change and not everything that made you powerfully, wonderfully, uniquely […]

Claiming 2017

Happy New Year!  If you are like me, you awoke today with a feeling of possibility (yes, yes, today is the 2nd day of the year but it is the first Monday so the new year feels official to me now). A whole new year awaits us.  Anything could happen.  And while the year ahead […]

My wishes for us in 2017...

My wishes for us in 2017…

Summiting 2017

Summiting 2017

One of the very last things I do each year is sit down for a personal New Year Summit (this is a great bookend to the End of Year Personal Summit).  Why a personal summit at the New Year?  Because the first step to getting the life we imagine is having clarity about who and how […]

A Summit of One

It’s that time of year where the crush of so many things-holiday parties, gift shopping, wrapping, baking, decorating, merry making, thank you note writing, end of year donating, etc- begins to feel like too much and your chest is tight and your stomach is kinda floppy and now I am about to add one more […]