Welcoming 2018

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Happy New Year, sweet friends.

Above, you’ll see my wish for you (for us) for this new year.

If you are looking for some powerful ways to deliberately bring 2017 to a close and welcome 2018, I wanted to share a few processes that might serve you.

An End of Year Personal Summit

A New Year Personal Summit

Choosing a Word for the Year  

As for me, my summiting has led me through a few fine finalists for word of they year like Transform and Vitality but, ultimately, I have landed on Nourish for my word of the year (because the action that I most need to take is nourishing some areas that I have deemed most important and those choices will ultimately lead to transformation and vitality in the ways that I seek).  What I have found in recent years as I have navigated profound grief, significant life changes, and way too many responsibilities, is that way too much that I value is actually withering and that I give my energy away to too many things that aren’t actually meant for me.  This year, I am focused on nourishing that which I can best serve and nourishing myself and my loved ones so that we may all be delighted and sustained.

Are you choosing a word for the year to guide you?  If so, what’s your word and what do you need from it?

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  1. Jenna

    My word is Adventure.

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