Love Your Body. Love Your Soul.

Wednesday, October 18, is LOVE YOUR BODY DAY, a day established by the NOW Foundation to remind each of us that our value is not measured by our willingness to embody beauty standards.
In celebration and solidarity, I am sharing The Body Warrior Pledge, from Day 2 of Beautiful You, to inspire you to make a conscious commitment to be  your own self-acceptance champion.
The Body Warrior Pledge
Take a moment to read through this pledge and embrace one of these tenets that can most profoundly offer you peace right now if you set your intention around moving towards more fully embracing it.  As you need to, return to this guidance, reminding yourself that you can, indeed champion you.
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One response to “Love Your Body. Love Your Soul.”

  1. Jenna

    I like the comparison of each body with a fingerprint. I will try to focus on my body’s strengths and to not be upset with myself because of my size.

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