To what are you saying yes?

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On Saturday, March 11th, I spoke at She’s Brave, a conference put on by Nourish CLT.  My topic?

You Have to Say No to Say Yes.  

We teach what we most need to learn now don’t we?

For those who have followed me for a bit, you know that I have a love/hate relationship with saying no. It is the thing that I MOST need to do.  It is the hardest thing for me to do.  And I am constantly trying to get better at it so I can live my yeses more deeply, profoundly, and un-distractedly and with a little bit of room to breath between them.

As I was preparing my remarks for She’s Brave, I kept thinking about how our excessive yeses can often be a symptom of our sense of worthiness (or lack of sense of worthiness). We too often say yes to all the things because we don’t believe that we are already worthy and always enough and if we say yes, yes, yes to all the things, we accumulate and prove our worth.

If the idea of this resonates, I encourage you to really analyze your yeses in the coming days. Why have you said yes to this and that and the other? Is it because it is something that you can do wholeheartedly and even MUST do because of how it makes you feel in your soul or is it something that you feel obligated to do or are doing to curry favor or worth?

As your answers come to you, reevaluate your yeses and see if there is a way to make room in your life for your most pure passion and purposes.  We have a limited amount of time and energy and our yeses have the most profound power when we can do them wholeheartedly.
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