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a simple strategy for managing holiday stress

The holidays.  For most of us, those two words bring up a mixed bag of feelings. Lingering over a fireplace with loved ones while drinking mulled wine.  JOY! Four party invitations for the same night.  ANXIETY. Delighting someone with the perfect gift.  JOY! Not realizing that someone has a food allergy and that ingredient is […]

Your holiday gift to yourself

So, here we are.  If you are stateside, we are just hours away from kicking off the most wonderful time of the year… the Thanksgiving to New Year’s time span that is filled to overflowing with togetherness, love, goodness, merriment, joy, happiness, and, well, if we are being real here, anxiety.  Because while, in theory, […]

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

We started a new tradition at our house this Thanksgiving season that we are really loving and I wanted to share it with you. Our Thanksgiving tree is displayed in a vase on the mantel of the fireplace in our dining room and each one of us has a branch (our sweet neighbor cut branches […]

Announcing visionSPARK 2017!

Announcing visionSPARK 2017!

Are you ready to create your vision and define your intentions for 2017? Would you like to claim how you most want to feel so you can chose actions that support your desire?  Would you like to build a foundation for the new year and the life you seek by gaining clarity, conviction and confidence in your vision?   If starting 2017 with exuberant […]

a daily practice

So we are entering the busiest, happiest (ideally), most stressful time of the year. With holidays, lots of family time, expectations, memories, and more, this time of year can be fraught.  A lot of times, our strategy to make our way through it is to power on, strong arming and willing our way through the season. And […]