a whole~hearted opportunity for yoga teachers (and their students)


Yoga teachers, are you:

  • Curious about integrating more positive body image into specific yoga series for your students?
  • Interested in supporting your students more deeply around their body image, but you’re not quite sure how to do that?
  • Wanting a tested teaching structure for creating a series that you can also adapt and make your own?

If so, whole~hearted was created with you (and your students!) in mind.

What is whole~hearted?

Whole~hearted is a local, yoga teacher-led series. It is a powerful transformation experience that creates a space for people to practice connecting with and showing their body love in a supportive environment.

The program blends the body and soul-affirming Curvy Yoga with the intentional self-awareness and self-acceptance journey found in the book Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance and includes personal reflection, yoga, group support, and compassionate guidance. whole~hearted is led by yoga teachers who wish to offer their students of all backgrounds and abilities a powerful way to very intentionally live their yoga while practicing self-acceptance.

At just $75 for this thoughtful, inspired curriculum, whole~hearted is a powerful way for yoga teachers to bring their students home to themselves.

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