Giving Love: a self-acceptance gift guide

giving love gift guide

I love coming up with gift ideas. And with the holidays coming, I am brainstorming fun gifts that will help the wonderful women in my life take care of themselves, treat themselves more lovingly, or just experience delight.  So here are some gifts ideas I have come across, in case they are a fit for someone on your list!


Spark Necklace— Every year, Circle de Luz works with a jewelry designer to create a necklace for our newest Circle de Luz class.  This year, the Circle de Luz Board of Directors named the Class of 2021 necklace in memory of my mamacita.  Well, if I didn’t already LOVE this necklace by Bonnie Boardman (and, come on, it says SPARK- in reference to one of our tag lines Spark Her Line- so of course I loved it), that sealed the deal.  Proceeds from this necklace which can be purchased in silver ($46) or gold ($50) benefit Circle de Luz and each necklace comes with a little explanation tag that includes the Circle de Luz Manifesto.

what am I ready for?

Daily Tending Divination Deck by Mara Glatzel— This is a fun little gift for the meditators, reflectors, personal growth people in your life.  This 40 card deck includes 10 prompts, 10 intentions, 10 questions, 10 gentle invitations intended to help you connect more deeply and intentionally with yourself.  $27

Southern Soap Company Soy Candles— These candles smell divine.  Burning candles is one of my favorite little rituals/meditations, especially in the winter, and this company has some of my very favorite scents.  $14.99

Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance

Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance— A daily short essay provides inspiration and insight and a suggested daily activity provides a gentle journey towards greater self-acceptance.  Great for teens and women of all ages who want to have a more positive relationship with themselves.   This link is to my local book shop.  If you purchase BY from Main Street Books,  I am happy to stop in there and personalize the copy to whomever you wish before it is mailed.  $16.95


Motto Journals.  These bright, beautiful journals with not quite graph paper (think graph paper but with dots at each corner and not full lines) have an inspired motto on the front and are perfect for recording inspirations and reflections, taking notes, and keeping track of details.  I carry the red one (Live a Life You Love) and gave one to each of Happy’s elective teachers last year as a holiday gift.  $9.95

awesome life

How to Live an Awesome Life by Polly Campbell.  This one is on my favorite reads of the year list because Campbell offers inspired guidance on how to thrive in your current astonishing life (no weight loss, new degree, cosmetic surgery or new job required).  It is a great mindset book for those on your list who like to develop their thinking, souls, and happiness.  $15.95


The Super Conditions Game (created by Dyana Valentine).  Have someone in your life who has a big decision to make?  This exercise in discernment might be just the right gift for them!  I attended a Super Conditions workshop led by Dyana last year and her inspired work provides valuable personal insight and perspective.  $40


Pouch by Town and Reese.  I love zippered pouches.  They are the perfect way for me to compartmentalize my stuff (I have an office supply pouch and a personal supply- lotion, tissues, chapstick- pouch) in larger bags or the perfect little smaller ‘clutches’ when I don’t want to carry much.  My sweet neighbor gave me one of these for my birthday and I love it.  Now, I want everyone to have one!  It may not directly promote self-acceptance, but it makes my life easier and is precious to boot so I’ll take that!  $20

DVD Cover

Show Up for You 2-Disc DVD set from Curvy Yoga.  I LOVE Anna Guest-Jelley, creator of Curvy Yoga, and was thrilled to see this new disc set release because, seriously, who doesn’t need to show up more for themselves?  Curvy Yoga is designed to meet the needs of students of all shapes, sizes and abilities. This is yoga for people who never thought it was for them, as well as yogis who want some Curvy Yoga at home or on the road.  This DVD includes five practices that will support you in showing up for yourself: mind, body and soul. You can practice each one on its own, or group some together to create a practice that works for you. $22

A final note:  none of these items are affiliate-linked. I do not make any money from sharing any of these ideas or posting links.  These are simply products I am excited about that I wanted to share with you.  xoxo

What suggestions do you have for the self-acceptance loving or seeking women in your life?

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