it is time.


We think the way we talk to ourselves is no big deal.

We think that it is just a way of motivating ourselves, a way to keep our egos in check, a way to practice humility.

We think it inspires.  But it doesn’t.

It damages, breaks us, belittles us.

And how we feel about ourselves matters to everything. 

We think that being inspired is someone else’s birthright.  We think that feeling on fire isn’t something we deserve.

But we are wrong.

Feeling on fire isn’t just our right.  It is our responsibility. 

The world is brimming with need, with aches, with problems.  We all know this but here is what we may not yet know.  It is not hopeless. It is not up to someone else to fix it.  We- every single one of us- is an integral part of meeting this world’s needs.

Our relationship with ourselves matters because when we are self-accepting, we can focus on what we most have to give.  And what we most have to give is always aligned with what lights our fire and when we are self-accepting, aware, and passionate, we are fully able to be on purpose.  When we find ourselves living on purpose is when everything profoundly changes—for us and for the world. 

It is time for you to feel the profound peace of self-acceptance. 

It is time for you to intentionally embrace your passion. 

It is time for you to live on purpose. 

And it starts for you at Passion. Purpose. Peace.

Time and spaces are running out.

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