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run big dream big


We do it because wellness matters and because breaking big goals down into little steps is a valuable lesson and because there is nothing quite as gratifying as crossing a finish line that felt far away when you started.  Every April, for six years now, we have run a 5k with the Circle de Luz girls because we want them to know that when they set a goal, it can be accomplished with some grit, a little sweat, and some good old fashioned cheering each other on.

Our annual Run Big Dream Big race does more than just teach the girls to set goals and cross finish lines.  It also allows those of us who support Circle de Luz to raise funds for our valuable programming (we offer over 50 programs a year to our hijas and their families!).  This year, for the first time, Happy is joining me in the run and, together, our goal is to raise at least $800 for Circle de Luz.

You can  learn more about our work through this video.

Can you help us cross the finish line with our goal?  To make a contribution, donate via CrowdRise   or by mailing a check made out to Circle de Luz to Circle de Luz PO Box 2 Davidson NC 28036.  Just put Rosie Molinary RBDB in the memo line.  Your contribution is a tax-deductible donation and you’ll receive a receipt for your records!  You’ll also have our unwavering affection!

Thanks so much for  your support!

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