what are you meant to make visible?

make visible


Happy is on Spring Break and so I am taking the time to distill this week but not before sharing this lovely quote with you that so spoke to me I had to capture it in some sort of graphic image.  I’m thinking this week about what I want to make visible in the world right now and what the best expression is for me to bring light to what is inside of me.  I hope you, too, will call out what you are meant to create, offer, and make visible.

If it is spring time where you are, may the sunshine be plentiful, the inch worms scarce, and the pollen non-debilitating (I know that’s almost an impossibility but I hate to wish away the pollen totally since it’s part of the cycle of life).  And, for all of us, may the sunshine from our soul and allow us to live on purpose.

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