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Are you ready to finally quiet the self-doubt that has stopped you from creating the life you want?

Do you want to reconnect- or connect for the first time- with what you find life giving so you can live with passion?

Are you eager to claim what your purpose is in life and realize how you want to live it?

Do you need time and guidance to really help you breathe, think, dream, and plan for your best life?

Are you ready to make this moment YOUR time?

Then Passion. Purpose. Peace is calling for you. 

At this two day retreat, we’ll spend our time together filtering out the excess noise while identifying and embracing what is most true for you in how to live authentically and create the life you want.

We will forge a deeper self-awareness, practice greater self-acceptance, and examine your self-care in a way that empowers you to be your greatest ally.

We will discover what you want your legacy to be and how to live in a way that aligns with who and how you most want to be in the world while allowing you to creatively express your passion and purpose in a personally crafted mission statement and manifesto.

You will be guided in creating an action plan that guides your wants and needs at a pace and in a way that is just right for your life.

Ultimately, you will leave Passion. Purpose. Peace invigorated, focused, and clear with a sense of confidence in what you uniquely offer the world and a vision for how to live on purpose in an authentic, whole-hearted way.

 May 29-30, 2015     Click the date for more information.  Use EARLY at checkout for $25 off until April 15.  Spaces limited!

What do past participants have to say about their Passion. Purpose. Peace experience? 

The Passion Purpose Peace retreat was truly a transformative experience. As a young woman, it was an amazing experience to get together with women from all stages in life and talk about what it means to have purpose and to uncover it. It is a really cool thing to learn that we’re all just trying to figure it out and you can be just as unsure about what comes next at 22 as you are at 42! Rosie’s techniques and resources allowed us as a group and individuals to move beyond fear and uncertainty and to focus in on what matters to us and why. Once I understood what I actually want out of my life, and not what convention, or magazines, or fear want my life to look like, the retreat propelled me into a space where I could grasp those newfound realities and turn them into meaningful and manageable action steps. What I really liked though is that the learning experience was balanced. We all had a ton of energy as we were revisiting the passions of our youth or early life or discovering emerging passions and patterns, but a large chunk of the day was focused on self-care. It is easy to go headlong into a dream or goal and then to get burnt out, but we learned in the retreat to stay grounded in wellness and self-awareness in order to make our changes sustainable.  This retreat was one of my favorites that I have attended and I don’t think it will be topped soon.   Jaime Zito

I am so grateful for the retreat and all that it offered. Rosie’s message is exactly what I needed.  Rosie’s story is inspirational and through that I was able to find my own story. The real story, not the one I have imagined through others’ eyes. Mine. I have new tools to continue the search growing ever closer to my truth. I am excited about the possibilities and I look forward to the next retreat.  Tonya Rush

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    I would like to go on one of these retreats. Could you please tell me if you are having 2018?

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