Ignited. a manifesto


That’s no small word.

And so when I chose it for my 2015 word of the year, I knew I needed to name it, to spell it out, to claim what I wanted from it.

Who would I be if I was ignited?  How would I be?  Vital. Vibrant.  Radiant. Connected. Warm. Energetic.  Living a life with great depth but not so much breadth.  Lit from within.  On fire.  Bright. Shining. Sparking.

Once I knew how I wanted to be, how I hoped to show up when I was ignited, it was easier to take the next two steps: to name what being ignited would allow me to have and what I had to do in order to feel and be ignited.

And though my New Year’s rituals (a word for the year, a vision board, and a wellness prescription) have been pretty well-established, this year, I found myself adding a new ritual: manifesto writing—claiming exactly how I wanted to be this year and what I wanted to do in order to feel ignited.

my 2015 manifesto


Now, I’ve got a blueprint, a gentle reminder of who I will be, what I can have, and what I must do in order to feel ignited.

Want to write your own manifesto for 2015?  Begin with your word for the year and then answer three questions with as much insight as you can (I answered these questions in short sentence lists that ultimately led to my manifesto).  Finally, piece together your manifesto in a way that resonates with and inspires you.

Who do I want to be in 2015?

How do I want to be in 2015?

What does it mean to me to be _______________ (insert your word here)?

What will being ____________________ allow me to have?

What must I do to be ___________________?

What will I do because I am ______________?

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