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Spark Jan 2014

Does your life feel out of control right now?

Are you drowning in papers and lists that don’t have any rhyme or reason to them?

Are you putting off your dreams just to keep your responsibilities in check (somewhat)?

 It’s time to change all that.  And Spark Your Systems is the place to do it.

At Spark Your Systems, you will learn how to organize your life with intention as your guide so that you can make time for your dreams while taking care of your responsibilities.

Spark Your Systems teaches you an organizational, aspirational, and intentional process for managing life while incorporating your dreams.

You’ll leave this hands-on workshop with clarity about your priorities and passions and with a tangible system in place to help you embrace and achieve more of what you want.

February 5th from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM at Elemental Healing in Charlotte

$55 registration fee includes pre-workshop prep instructions and refreshments  

workshop testimonial

This workshop was the spark I have been searching for… I thought I was getting myself organized over and over again, and couldn’t figure out why it never worked. The fact is I was operating without a system. Turns out simply straightening up piles of paper doesn’t really help to prioritize projects or get you moving forward in a doable fashion.  This system of Rosie’s really works and taking time for the weekly review is invaluable. I have been to other Rosie workshops and loved them. They have helped me to create a focus, to determine a direction and, most importantly, have helped me say no, realizing that the other person’s emergency is not necessarily my emergency – all of which has given me more time to focus on actions and projects important to me, my family and my business.

This Spark your Systems workshop was the piece I was missing. Its the one that helped the most in terms of getting all of my stuff in one place and then having a plan of action that is really doable with almost instant results. If you feel as if all your balls are up in the air, this is the workshop that will help to keep your rhythm going so that nothing falls through the cracks. This system is manageable, easily adapted to any profession, and insures that every project, big or small, gets equal time. I’ve used the book of lists we set up in the workshop every day since – and have just finished my first weekly review planning session – so far so good. The best part is I am getting work and home things done, crossing things off the list, adding on new projects and am still able to plan time for myself! The 3 hours of workshop time has proved to be invaluable in terms of a hands-on experience. Pair that with all the little tips and tricks Rosie shared for making it all work during the workshop; and blog posts she shared after and you’ve got great follow up. I would and will recommend the Spark Your Systems workshop to everyone I know – I feel like a new person!  ~2014 SYS attendee

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