A Blog Year in Review

blog year in review


In my end of the year personal summit, one of the things that I looked into was what blog posts resonated with readers in 2014.  While my blog isn’t monetized, it’s important to me to feel like I am contributing something of meaning or use or relief to the world and writing here is one way for me to do that.   As it turns out, my top blog posts from this year covered everything from the useful to the personal.  Here’s a quick round-up in case you missed them the first time around or could find them useful in some way now.

Self-care for when life sucks  (March 2014).  Sometimes life bites.  And when life bites, we tend to abandon all of our own self-care so that we can nurture those we love.  But if we lose sight of our own care during that time, we can experience our own setback.  Here’s a little instruction guide for self-care when life is in the way.

if I only have one more chance to tell you (June 2014).  Teaching a seminar on body image is one of the great honors and responsibilities in my life.  I want our time together to do something more than just fill my students’ heads with definition and stats.  I want our time together to change them so that they can go out and change the world.  Given that, it should come as no surprise that near the end of each semester, I grow a little panicky about whether or not I have done what I intended in terms of helping my students increase their self-acceptance.  This past Spring semester, I frantically wrote down everything I wanted to make sure I had mentioned to my students.  That list inspired this blog post.

What must I do today to keep my baby safe?  (September 2014)  A look at the worries I harbor as the mother of a black boy.

Redefining Good (September 2014) A look at the pressure that being good places on us.

Create a Master to Do List  (January 2014).  A master to do list is an essential part of keeping yourself well-organized.  Here’s my process.

Write a wellness prescription  (January 2014).  A wellness prescription can be a game changer in taking better care of yourself this year.  Instructions on how to write one here!

A letter to my body image students on the last day of class (May 2014). I write each body image class a unique good-bye letter for the last day of class.  This one really resonated with people.

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  1. Anna

    You and your writing are such gifts! Thank you for another year of gems!

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