10 Things I Loved in December 2014

10 things I loved in december 2014


At the end of each month, I take stock of the previous month.  What went well?  What did I learn?  What brought me a simple joy?  These monthly reports are a way to encourage myself to take delight in the littlest of things.  I find that Ten Things I Loved allows me to always see the silver lining, even when there are hard moments in a month.  And taking joy in the simple things is paramount to how I want to live, making 10 things an invaluable tool for me.  Here’s this month’s simple pleasures.

Dinner with the Neighbors.  We have great neighbors all around us. And, last year, one set of neighbors suggested we go out to dinner together to celebrate holidays and birthdays (as opposed to doing gifts) because we so rarely get to have conversations that are not in the yard or over delivering lemons or vanilla to one another.  And so we went to dinner to a little Italian place that we never go to and told funny stories and had just the loveliest of times.   


A New Hair Cut.  When I became a new mom, I chopped off my hair thinking it would be easier and, as it turns out, I was completely wrong.  But my curls are different these days, and I impulsively got the urge for a different do so I decided to try going shorter again.  I got an inverted bob haircut that I am still figuring out how to style (here’s a shot of it the day after the cut with how my stylist straightened it—I don’t have the patience or skill to do that- and then a curly day) but, overall, I am enjoying the change.

orange belt

An Orange Belt with Black Stripe in the House.  Happy started karate in September and is loving it.  He tested for his orange belt with black stripe (his first belt test) in December and it totally choked me up.   He was thrilled with his accomplishment and I was just so proud of him for working so hard for something he wanted. 


The End of PT.  Speaking of working so hard, Happy did 16 months of PT and OT, sometimes with as many as three appointments a week, to help him out with structural and sensory differences and he “graduated” in December.  We adored all his therapists and the staff at his “gym” and were so grateful for their love and support.

The Nutcracker.  I have never told you all about that one time I took BF to the Nutcracker (because he would be so embarrassed) but I have alluded to it.  Suffice to say that it was a traumatic experience for not just both of us but the entire audience in attendance that day.  So imagine my shock when BF suggested that we take Happy to The Nutcracker this year.  Though I thought he was kidding, he wasn’t, and we went and had a wonderful time with no embarrassing episodes.  Such a lovely way to savor the season.

Celebrating the holidays.  Family-time.  Christmas pajamas.  Family movie night with all three of us watching The Polar Express (which I actually found quite creepy.  I know, I know, it was an instant classic. But I couldn’t get over that animation) from the bed.  Good food. Lots of laughs.  A last minute, crazy, desperate search for a cotton candy maker.  Good times.

Ringing in the New Year.  BF and I have been together for 15 years.  Before we started dating, we both had very memorable New Year’s Eves (like that time I went to New Orleans for New Year’s and came home with a bullet hole in my car) but we have NEVER done anything for New Year’s together other than watch the ball drop from home.  This year, however, our calendar for the 31st got super full—we went tubing for the day with Happy, had an incredible four course meal and then went to a party.  Don’t worry, though, we didn’t totally change our ways in one year– we were in bed to watch the ball drop!


Thrive Necklace.  BF treated me to a necklace with my 2014 word for the year on it for my birthday.  It arrived a little late so I got to really enjoy it this month.  

Toasty Boots.  Speaking of birthdays, I got a gift certificate that I hadn’t used yet for my birthday so I gave it to BF to put towards some toasty cardigan boots for me for Christmas.  My feet have never been happier.    

A New Planner.  I was interviewing someone for a profile I was writing on her when she mentioned her Day Designer Planner.  Well, you know how I feel about planning.  So within 30 minutes of getting off the phone with her,  I bought the last Day Designer planner in our area for myself.  I have used my old system for so long that this new one is taking some getting used to, but I am liking it so far.     

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