Friday Reflections

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Every Friday, I reflect on the week that has just passed by doing a little sensory exercise.  This practice is a gentle, easy way to tune into how we are doing, what we are experiencing, and what we are grateful for while more acutely tuning into our senses.  It’s a whole heart exercise with plenty of bodily input, if you will.  Because this practice has been so good for me, I want to encourage you to do it, too.  Building some gentle reflection into our weeks is a nice way to stay grounded while maintaining some big picture perspective.  So please join me in this week’s Friday Reflections (with each sense as your inspiration, consider how experiencing it impacted your week).

Here is my sensory round-up for the last week:
tasting ::  chicken and rice wonton soup, taco soup, mountain trout with crab meat, and a lot of salads.  
hearing ::  amazing visions, powerful intention, inspiring mission statements, fired up manifestos, and inspiring encouragement from the women at Passion. Purpose. Peace  
smelling ::  mandarin orange lotion, the sweatiness of a sweet little boy after soccer practice

seeing ::  lots of beautiful dappling light this week.  Fall light is just breathtaking.    

feeling ::  wholehearted and inspired after the Passion. Purpose. Peace retreat.

wishing ::  for the chance next week to distill thoughts and ideas that have been bumping into each other in my brain.

What about you?  What were your sensational experiences this week?  Please share!

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