Friday Reflections


Every Friday, I reflect on the week that has just passed by doing a little senses exercise.  This practice is a gentle, easy way to tune into how we are doing, what we are experiencing, and what we are grateful for while more acutely tuning into our senses.  It’s a whole heart exercise with plenty of bodily input, if you will.  Because this practice has been so good for me, I want to encourage you to do it, too.  Building some gentle reflection into our weeks is a nice way to stay grounded while maintaining some big picture perspective.  So please join me in this week’s Friday Reflections (with each sense as your inspiration, consider how experiencing it impacted your week).

Here is my sensory round-up for this week:
tasting ::  orange ginger chicken, teriyaki stir-fried veggies, pizza, roasted veggies,  black bean soup, garden vegetable soup, cucumbers, avocado and apples, tea and lemon petit fors at Mother’s Tea at preschool

hearing ::  Happy reading his I Can Read books.  So much fun to work on sounding everything out.  He also wrote and illustrated a little story this week (Kitty Gets Stuck in a Tree, a literary masterpiece).  He dictated to me and I captured the story and tried not to freak out too much so as not to squelch his story writing excitement.

smelling ::  the orange ginger chicken was a slow cooker recipe that smelled incredible.  Also, fresh cut flowers on the dining room table filled the room with some nice, earthy, floral scents!

seeing ::  Happy happily running off to meet a teacher at Kindergarten’s Beginner’s Day.  Boy, is he excited about school.  He even complained about summer the other day– as in it was getting in the way of his being able to start kindergarten.  Fingers crossed that he’ll always dig school.

feeling ::  so touched by a lovely Circle de Luz weekend this past weekend.  We celebrated our State of the Circle event where a few of the girls speak about their experiences and Run Big Dream Big and both were joyous, wonderful affairs.  Such a great weekend!

wishing/hoping ::  for a really productive weekend and week as I wrap up the semester and then have several events in the coming days.

What about you?  What were your sensational experiences this week?  Please share!

This post was inspired by Teacher Goes Back to School who was inspired by Pink of Perfection’s Five Sense Friday.

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