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Are you aching to create the life you really want?

Do you need time and guidance to really help you breathe, think, dream, and plan for your best life?

Do you want to feel invigorated, encouraged, inspired, focused, clear, committed, and authentic?

Does having someone in your corner raise your sense of accountability and possibility while bringing out your best?

Could you use help in creating a step by step action plan for the future of your choosing?

Are you ready to make this year YOUR year?

…then a Passion. Purpose. Plunge retreat (there are virtual and in person options!) may be just the thing for you.

And good news:  I am starting to work on my summer schedule and have figured out that I have room for seven more retreats.  Summer has always been a really productive time for me and I imagine that I am not alone so I am offering a Passion. Purpose. Plunge special until May 15th or the seven sessions are booked (whichever comes first).  Curious about what is in store?  Read on!   

What is a Passion. Purpose. Plunge retreat?

A powerful three step retreat process* that is guided by your wants, needs, and dreams.  

Together, during a pre-retreat Vision Session, we’ll identify what it is you most need to live with passion, purpose, and deep self-acceptance so that you can create an incredibly satisfying life that allows you to authentically be yourself.  Then, I’ll personally design a retreat just for you that allows you to creatively and thoughtfully move through your fears and challenges, claim your dreams, and step into the life you are meant to be living.  During the retreat, we spend three or six hours in thoughtful, deep, guided conversation that illuminates what you are after and how to get there and then we create a thoughtful action plan that will get you there.  Finally, about a month after your retreat, we reconnect in a post-retreat Shine session where we reflect on how things are going and tweak anything that needs adjusting.  Throughout this process, I am just an email away for any problem solving, processing, or celebrating.

What do we do during the three or six hour retreat?  

We spend our time together really filtering out the excess noise and identifying and embracing what is most true for you in how to live authentically and create the life you want.  You will claim what you want your impact to be right now and come to understand how to live in a way that aligns with who and how you most want to be.  We will examine your self-care and help you more deliberately embrace self-acceptance so that you are your best ally and not your biggest foe.  You will articulate your wants and needs and then create an action plan that claims your vision and allows you to create it at a pace that is right for you.  Ultimately, you will leave your retreat with a sense of confidence in what you uniquely offer the world, the ability to articulate it, and a vision for how to live on purpose.  You will feel invigorated, optimistic, and focused and have a clear action plan on how to move forward in an authentic, whole-hearted way.

*the Peace retreat is not a three-part process.  Read more about it below!

What are my options?  

There are three options for a Passion. Purpose. Plunge retreat.  

The Peace experience is a 90 minute one-on-one session done over Skype (this is a contained session and does not include the one hour pre-planning phone call or post-retreat vision session) where  we’ll examine a smaller question or issue and apply some creative problem solving to it so that you come away with powerful solution for your situation and an action plan to guide you forward.  The Passion experience can work for a personal or professional question and is ideal for a small challenge— you are launching a new project and want to fine-tune or trouble shoot it, you are working on your self-care and want help writing a wellness prescription and putting it into practice, you want to work through a specific issue at work.

Normally $150 NOW $100 until May 15th or sessions sell out  

The Passion experience is a 5 hour one-on-one retreat experience that can be offered in person if you are local to Charlotte, NC or over Skype if you are not. The half-day retreat consists of a pre-retreat vision workbook, a one hour pre-retreat phone/Skype session, a three hour one-on-one retreat, a one hour post-retreat follow-up session via phone or Skype, an action plan that will guide your post-retreat plans, and email support during the period contracted.

Normally $500.  Now $425 until May 15th or sessions sell out    

The Purpose experience consists of an 8 hour experience: a pre-retreat workbook, a one hour pre-retreat vision session, a six hour in-person retreat at a farm outside Charlotte, NC, a one hour post-retreat follow-up session, an action plan that will guide your post-retreat plans, and email support during the period contracted.

Normally $800. Now $700 until May 15th or sessions sell out 

What have others said?  

I did an in-person Passion. Purpose. Plunge retreat with Rosie because I’d attended several of her VisionSPARK events and the outcome was always more than a good feeling. Time spent with Rosie is warm and supportive, but it’s also PRODUCTIVE. I knew I would leave my retreat with a clear action plan, timeline, and clearly articulated goals, not to mention fresh motivation to accomplish them. Rosie quickly and precisely narrows down what someone needs to be successful in personal or professional endeavors and then draws a map for how to get there. A retreat with Rosie was an investment in my success and happiness with immediate and measurable results.   Michelle Icard 

Signing up for a Passion. Purpose. Plunge. retreat is one of the best decisions I’ve made all year. Rosie created a thorough and thoughtful program that helped me identify personal and professional goals and develop a comprehensive plan for achieving them. During the retreat, Rosie created opportunities that stretched my beliefs about what is possible, allowing me to dream big — and she provided the support to help me reach the goals we set together. I left the retreat feeling invigorated and inspired. Less than 48 hours after the Passion. Purpose. Plunge retreat, I’d introduced a new program and got immediate results. I’ll be signing up for another retreat very soon! Jodi Helmer

If I could describe my PPP retreat experience in one word, it would be REJUVENATING. Rosie has a great mix of wonderful, whimsical enthusiasm and specific, organized planning. These came together to create a plan for my upcoming year that excites me and challenges me. It’s no longer a clump of vague ideas wrestling with each other, but a set plan that purposefully moves me forward and offers many opportunities for growth and new experiences. It was great to talk about my desires and hopes and have someone listen and forge them into something attainable, someone to remind me that a lot is in my hands – for one, how I face and treat each day. Having Rosie as a mentor is refreshing and life-giving. From the food provided to the exercises of discernment and planning we did, I felt taken care of and listened to. It was great to be able to step back from my assumptions of what society thinks I should do with my life and think about what I actually want to do. No matter where you are or what you’re looking for in life, Rosie will provide a safe space and affirming ways to go forward. You won’t regret a PPP retreat. Claire Asbury

Rosie has the unique gifts of wisdom, discipline, focus and fun which makes her retreat valuable on every level. I came into the coaching confused and left my first session with clarity, focus, practical plans and a sense that my life contains infinite possibility undergirded by a solid strategy. AND I had a wonderful time! Ruth Pittard 

Want one of those seven spots?  

To schedule a one-on-one experience, email me at rosiemolinary at gmail dot com.  If you are eager to claim your truth and create the life of your imagining, it would be my great honor to partner with you in realizing your possibilities.

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