Finding Your People

strategies for finding your people

We have all had that moment, whether it was at a play date, in book club, at a volunteer opportunity, or in a meeting, where someone across the room speaks and we are overcome with a feeling of recognition.  She gets me, you think.  She is my person! 

One of the cornerstones to having a sense of wellbeing and pushing ourselves toward growth is spending time with our people.  At the Women + Girl’s Research Alliance Summit, I moderated a panel called Finding Your People where Nancy McNelis, Whitni Wertz, and Sara-Marie Miller and I shared our thoughts on how to find more of your people to support you on your journey.  Here are a few suggestions to help you gather more of your people in your corner.

Make it happen.  If your world doesn’t have enough of the type of support you need, do not be afraid to create what you need.  Are you a new to a city?  A new stepmother?  At a new job?  Don’t wait for someone to come to you.  Put yourself out there.  Ask a co-worker out to lunch.  Start a book club.  Look for a meet-up group.  Don’t be afraid to create what you need.

Do something that sparks your passion.  If you aren’t finding your people in your world, engage in something that you love doing, that lights you up.  Sign up for a class, look for a meet-up group, volunteer.  It’s highly likely you will find connection in these spots.

Look for people who motivate you.  As you look for your people, don’t just look for people who are similar to you or who are exactly where you are in life.  Look for people who are where you want to be, who inspire you in some way, who help you to not settle.

Practice connection karma.  When you meet someone and a flash of recognition comes to you—she and Tracy would love each other!- make the introduction.  Some of “my people” have come to me through such thoughtful introductions and so I try to do the same as well.     

What have been your strategies for finding your people?  

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  1. T.

    THis is such a great post! We spend so much time thinking about the right job or Mr./ Mrs. Right, but we forget how vital it is to have friends that we really connect with!
    Besides these helpful tips for FINDING the right people, do you also have tips on how to KEEP the right people? I have some colleagues that, for some reasons I won’t be seeing much of any more in the future, they aren’t really my friends, but I would like to stay in touch with them. What can I do?

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