10 Things I Loved in March 2014

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At the end of each month, I take stock of the previous month.  What went well?  What did I learn?  What brought me a simple joy?  These monthly reports are a way to encourage myself to take delight in the littlest of things.  I find that Ten Things I Loved allows me to always see the silver lining, even when there are hard moments in a month.  And taking joy in the simple things is paramount to how I want to live, making 10 things an invaluable tool for me.  Here’s this month’s simple pleasures.

Professionalish things

1.  Circle de Luz Milestones and Moments.  This has been such a special year for Circle de Luz.  We hired our first staffer, a program manager, last April and we have realized so many wonderful goals during this time.  We are adding a new class this fall, our first class is graduating from high school this June and they are starting to receive college acceptances and scholarship offers, we are having really meaningful conversations with all sorts of potential partners and it is such a gift to watch all of our young women– from seventh grade to seniors- grow!  

Every spring, Circle de Luz supporters, our participants, and some of their family members all run a 5k together.  This year, we are celebrating Run Big DreamBig V.  We also use Run Big Dream Big as a fundraiser for Circle de Luz and typically raise about 10% of our yearly operating budget with this fundraiser.     My goal this year is to personally raise $1000 for Circle de Luz.

2.  Inspiration for Women’s History Month!  Hijas Americanas and Beautiful You are both published by Seal Press, a women’s press dedicated to publishing books that will change a woman’s life.  I love being a Seal Press writer and was so excited to participate in this video celebrating Women’s History Month by having SP authors share their favorite quotes.  Some inspiration for your journey!

3.  Spark Your Systems!  I’ve been asked to do a workshop like this for years and finally did it.  Though it was pouring outside, we were VERY productive inside and everyone left with a system in place for managing their wants and needs.  Loved this comment from the evaluations:

This workshop was the spark I have been searching for… I thought I was getting myself organized over and over again, and couldn’t figure out why it never worked. The fact is, I was operating without a system – turns out simply straightening up piles of paper doesn’t really help to prioritize projects or get you moving forward in a doable fashion. This system of Rosie’s really works and taking time for the weekly review is invaluable. I have been to other Rosie workshops and loved them – they have helped me to create a focus, to determine a direction and most importantly have helped me say no, realizing that the other person’s emergency is not necessarily my emergency – all of which has given me more time to focus on actions and projects important to me, my family and my business. This SPARK your Systems workshop was the piece I was missing – its the one that helped the most in terms of getting all of my stuff in one place and then having a plan of action that is really doable with almost instant results. If you feel as if all your balls are up in the air, this is the workshop that will help to keep your rhythm going so that nothing falls through the cracks. This system is manageable, easily adapted to any profession, and insures that every project, big or small, gets equal time. I’ve used the book of lists we set up in the workshop every day since – and have just finished my first weekly review planning session – so far so good. Best part is I am getting work and home things done, crossing things off the list, adding on new projects and am still able to plan time for myself! The 3 hours of workshop time has proved to be invaluable in terms of a hands-on experience. Pair that with all the little tips and tricks Rosie shared for making it all work during the workshop; and blog posts she shared after and you’ve got great follow up. I would and will recommend the SPARK your systems workshop to everyone I know – I feel like a new person! ~Heidi Billotto, Charlotte Culinary Expert            

4.  Hearing Kelly Corrigan speak.   Kelly Corrigan is the author of The Middle Place, Lift, and now Glitter and Glue and I adore her and her writing.  I mean total fan girl, not even going to lie adore.  When I read her books, I am torn between whether or not I most wish I could write like her, be her best friend, or actually be her.  So, when a good friend who shares my Corrigan fan girl tendencies saw that Kelly was coming to Charlotte, we decided to make a night out of it.  I’ve seen Kelly speak before and she was just as fabulous– funny and tender and thoughtful.  Read her books.  Hear her speak.  Warm your heart.

Personal things  

Rosie Lylen Richardon Hall

5.  Time with a dear friend.  One of my college roommates came to the east coast for a work conference and stayed for a couple days so that we could have some time together.  There’s just nothing like time with someone who knows you so well.

6.  Low dairy.  You might remember that one of my goals this year was to get a handle on my incessant sinus infections.  During my last spat of sinus infections, I sent out an SOS.  A few friends responded with “is it dairy?” and, dang, if I didn’t realize that it could very well be dairy given my diet (greek yogurt with berries for breakfast, ice cream for dessert ALOT) the week before the sinus infection started.  And so I, though I have declared several times that I could not be a vegan BECAUSE of my love for dairy, have gone low dairy.  No yogurt, ice cream or wedges of cheese as a snack since I made the observation.  Though I haven’t given up my love of milk chocolate yet, I have a lot less shall we say drainage and less drainage will hopefully mean less sinus infections.

7.  Books on CD.  I’ve got a long commute to the university and, over the years, audiobooks have been the most incredible tool for painlessly navigating the roads.  Except for whatever reason, it took me two months this semester to get back to audiobooks in the car.  Now, a couple mysteries completed, I am hooked again.  Thank you, Harlan Coben and A.S.A Harrison.


8.  A trip to see the cousins.  Really, is there anything else to say?  Well, I will tell you this.  There was a puddle- a big, deep puddle though you can’t tell that so much from this picture and in a game of “jump the creek”, Happy took a swim or three.        

9.  Property Brothers.  I just discovered Property Brothers this month and I cannot get enough of these renovation projects.  My favorite Saturday chore TV.


10.  Leg Braces.  We found out last fall that Happy needed leg braces to help correct some anatomical challenges.  As we prepared for the braces– getting molds of his legs made, getting fitted, going to physical therapy a couple times a week, talking about when he would be wearing his braces and why he needed them, etc.- we weren’t sure how he would take to the braces.  But at the beginning of March, he finally got those specialty braces, made just for him with fish on them!, and he’s been such a good sport, wearing them for most of each day and feeling very proud of them.  Whew!       

So, what did you love in March?

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  1. Yvette

    Kelly Corrigan?? im so jealous! I loved The Middle Place.. YAY to “Happy Feet”.. Cousins are the best. I remember loving visits to/from my cousins who lived out of town, I had a high from it for weeks after 🙂

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